SOMEWHERE (in another universe)


at night they are born
the flowers
are like millions of lanterns floating in still waters
and the fireflies
are buzzing
and it all means
they have arrived


sometimes they are born like conjoined twins
and they are so close
like a hug, like air
and when they move to disconnect
it feels like endless pain of birth
but at the same time
like an orgasm
without beginning, without end


they’ve disconnected
they’ve started the hunt
but no one else lives in this fucking world
they eat each other
and die of pain
and flowers die with them
before the sun goes down



in my hand

the ceiling is lost in smoke

in my hand

the floor smells of air


a drop of white paint

like the moon

it’s darkness

in my hand

they smoke long pipes

in my hand

warm creatures live

in my hand

please, be quiet

in my hand

there are millions of eyes

they are looking to believe

in my hand

there are thousands of feet

their footprints are like leaves

as they run through the cracks in my fingers

small spiders

I'll find you whoever you may be

in my hand

you lose yourself whoever you may be

in my hand

there's a train that crosses the lines

it will run through all the veins

someday it will stop

Wll I have enought time to understand

so little time

I am dust and ashes

my hand is weary

of holding all that foolish stuff

my hand is like a full cup

it has to be empted

to be filled again

it has to be forgotten

to be seen again

it has to be lost

to be found again

but where do I put this whole world?


Mechanical Town



please be honest

please be sincere

then I will not be able to provoke you

I will just reflect your beauty


when a lot of people in the room

I taste everyone

i observe something inside me

becomes a part of each of you


and I choose the most interesting way

and letting go of myself

and observe my mind and body

become a reaction, empathy, provocation


then i observe you

then i understand you 

i accept you

and this teaching me


you have fear 
fear is a part of you 
fear changes your thoughts 
fear closes the door 
with the real you behind it 

so many different things live inside your head 

good things and bad things 

you remember many different things happening 

right things and wrong things 

all the things 

that live inside you 

happen around you 

they don’t matter at all

they are very important

when you look at me your eyes reflect me 

and we can both see the one who lives inside 

let me see your face 
let me see your clear mirror eyes 
I know him better than you do 
the one who lives inside you 

I need to become you 
to let my eyes reflect me 
and we can both see 
the one who lives inside



It's just an object

It's doesn't mean what you think (с)

I dream of tornado

It would live in my poket

Once in a while I would take it out

And it would turn me round

Me and my world

And take us up

Where dreams 

Become Objects in Space


I want to tame your thoughts

And keep them close to my fingers

So that I'd open your head like a book

And blindly reach for your dreams with my heands

Your dreams are like fireflyes

Flowing up to become Objects in Space


I don't want to know

Whats behind your deep blue eyes

I don't want to see

Throught your deep blue heart

I just want to gaze

At Objects in your Space

I just want to gaze

At Objects in Space