с городом_мал4.jpg

a little flying schizophrenia
an young internal observer
unearthly Bela Wind and worlds that come to


My name is Masha Logofet. 

I am a professional musician, violinist, and composer. 

Bela Wind is both my pen name and an art project.

I’ve been drawing since childhood but it was never my profession.

In the fall of 2019, my main musical project collapsed and I was left with no job and a one-year-old child.

At the same time, all my musical instruments cracked and I realized that this was a sign that I needed to take a musical pause.

So I started selling my old paintings and creating new ones.


Now visual arts have completely captivated me.

I feel happy when I paint.

every world is a riddle to me

and each new picture gives me the opportunity to better know these worlds and view them from different angles

hello you and welcome!

may good luck be with you